The Gang Goes to a TED talk

Sorry for the super belated post y’all. Lot has happened in the past couple of months so let’s start in chronological order. First up: TED talk! Me and a couple of my Fulbright compadres Jose and Carolyn attended the TEDxNorwiched conference last month where speakers addressed the age-old question, “how do we think differently about education?”

Here are a few highlights from some extraordinary people. I hope they serve as food for thought, especially for my educator friends.


“I have the best job in the world because all I have to do is find the fun” – Matt Bagley, ex Formula 1 engineer, Director of Doing at Camouflaged Learning


Owen Morgan

“If we don’t actively design a culture of excellence, we’ll default to a culture of results” – Owen Morgan, Social Entrepreneur


Ali Marlow

“ Qualifications alone are not passports through life” – Ali Marlow, Occupational Therapist


Siam Kidd

“Pursuing degrees not congruent to your goals is like equipping supercomputers with…Windows Vista” – Siam Kidd, ex-RAF pilot/ Precious Metals Trader


Vic Goddard

“Job satisfaction and community. How often do we get to tell people how much we love teaching?” -Vic Goddard, Head of Passmores Academy/ Reality TV star


The Trio

Lastly, the gang strikes a pose upstage.

Attending this TED talk and listening to these amazing innovators really allowed me to analyze my own teaching practices through a critical lens.  Nowadays, it’s not easy for educators to stay mindful and reflective amidst the hubbub and pressures of the ever-changing educational landscape. But I think all educators could benefit from take some time every now and then to engage in dialogue with the global teaching community for ideas, support, and growth.